Crossword Maestro Reviews

" Over the past couple of weeks, we've been playing with a piece of Windows software called Crossword Maestro ( It's an extraordinary application of artificial intelligence to the science of crossword completion ... The typical cryptic addict will probably only want to use the program to help with those maddening clues that evade solution, and will most likely work in "orphan" mode, entering clues manually without loading an entire program. It automatically stores those clues, allowing you to return to them as more letters are revealed. But when you enter an entire puzzle, switch the program into autosolve mode, and listen to its gentle chimes each time it solves a clue with the minimum of input, you can't help but concede that the company's domain name is by no means an indication of arrogance. This really is a work of genius. Working on several cryptic puzzles from The Guardian and The Times, we found that with relatively little assistance, Crossword Maestro correctly solved more than the 75 per cent of clues its author claims for it. "
Charles Wright. The Age. (August 2002)

" The spookiest thing I have tested in a long time. It's a computer program which does cryptic crossword clues for you. I know that sounds ridiculous... But I promise you: Crossword Maestro really does work... Its general knowledge, for one thing, defies comprehension. Chemical symbols, literary references, quirky geographical facts - it appears to have them all packed away in its digits. Add to that what seems a passable imitation of human intelligence, and you have a truly remarkable product. "
Jonathan Margolis. The Evening Standard Magazine.

" Crossword Maestro is great fun and an impressive achievement "
Don Manley. Chambers Crossword Manual (Third edition).

" As a learning tool it's great for those wishing to fathom the seemingly insoluable cryptic crosswords and their Sphinx-like clues. The software explains how it arrives at the solution and, by working backwards, the puzzler is able to see how the clue setter encrypted the answer... very accommodating... Crossword Maestro is like a personal tutor with the patience of Job... I would say the program is very flexible and its analytical capabilities are impressive! "
Dave Fisher. Mining Co Crossword Guide

" a terrific way of teaching yourself how clues and answers work. "
Computer Active magazine

" Enough to make crossword fanatic Inspector Morse choke on his beer - the world's first computer program which can solve even the most cryptic puzzles "
The Sunday Express

" From the fairly straightforward concise posers to the more devious otherworld of the cryptic crossword, help is now at hand for the fainthearted puzzler... gives you an insight into the twisted logic of the compiler. "
PC review magazine

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