Crossword Maestro Customer Feedback

This is a small sample of unsolicited comments we have received from customers in the short period after the product's launch. All these comments can be proven genuine on request. (One has been slightly edited to correct a typographic error.)

"I got it yesterday, and to say I'm gobsmacked would be an understatement! It's one of the most useful and entertaining pieces of software I've ever bought.

"You must be very proud of Crossword Maestro, to describe it as fantastic would be an understatement, it's seems like you're being advised or even having a two-way conversation with a human being rather than just accessing a computer program.

I didn't bother looking at the sample crosswords last night when I got it, figuring that they would all be compatible with the program..., and so I thought the only way to 'test' Crossword Maestro out was to enter a new crossword. I entered Guardian 17,775 ... Crossword Maestro just ate it up no problems at all. Every answer was in its wordlist and all but three was its first choice, and the ability to recognise combinations of three syllabic or character words is truly amazing. "

"Congratulations on a superb product! Brilliant fun! ... am amazed how good it is!"

"I recently bought Crossword Maestro and I am very pleased with it - a truly original and interesting piece of software."

"Many thanks for your program which arrived today and which I have found most impressive."

"...I think Maestro is very very clever."

"The Maestro is indeed a Genius and its help in solving the daily crossword in the Jerusalem Post (I think it's from the Telegraph) is nothing short of miraculous, this being the land of miracles!"

"the program is absolutely fantastic, and more than lives up to my expectations. I am a contract programmer, and have been for 10 years or so, and have worked on many different projects, including AI. I am very impressed with the 'brains' built into Crossword Maestro, ... congratulations on a wonderful piece of software engineering."

"... can I just say how much pleasure and fun I've had with Crossword Maestro. ... the other day it completed all but six of twenty-seven clues in the [Glasgow] Herald crossword on its own ... Many thanks for a wonderful piece of software."

"The Australian (our national newspaper) has a cryptic crossword that has a distinctly Australian slant to it. I was amazed that Crossword Maestro did so well with such a 'localised' puzzle. There is a prize offered for the first correct entry received and I've won it twice already ..."

"I have just purchased a copy of Crossword Maestro from you and would like to let you know that I am very impressed with it. I have never been particularly good at cryptics but with the software's explanations I am becoming increasingly aware of the language of the crossword compiler...

Many thanks for a great product that thanks to it has much enhanced my enjoyment of train journeys home."

"I am writing just to let you know how impressed I am with your program Crossword Maestro. It is truly amazing! And very easy to use. It has no problems with any crossword regardless of the puzzle author.

It is also very good at explaining the answers to clues, thereby helping me in future puzzle solving. Thank you for a superlative product."

"After running the program, I was so impressed that I demonstrated it to two computer science graduate students...

The three of us played with it for hours and were suitably amazed. It's an incredible piece of software."

"Thanks for a great program. You have got me hooked on cryptic crosswords."

"Recently received my order for Crossword Maestro. I am extremely pleased !!
Extremely fascinating.
It has solved some very difficult clues for me.