A typical scene from Crossword Maestro. Large sections of a difficult cryptic crossword have been solved completely automatically with full natural language explanations of how the clues work. Even when the software isn't confident enough to ink the answer in, it usually suggests the correct answer with a partial explanation. More examples of its clue solving ability.

Crossword Maestro is the world's first expert system for solving cryptic and non-cryptic crosswords. It's a major breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, has been widely acclaimed and took many man-years of research and development to create.

Crossword Maestro is not just an anagram solver, thesaurus and letter pattern searcher, nor is it solely an electronic crossword dictionary, although it can easily do any of these tasks. It's better thought of as a highly intelligent crossword mentor which, once installed on your personal computer or laptop, is on hand twenty-four hours a day to suggest answers to clues; explain how a given cryptic clue works; challenge you to a crossword solving match; finish off your attempt at solving the crossword in your daily newspaper; or even set about solving it completely for you. You and Crossword Maestro can even work simultaneously on the same crossword, helping each other by filling in letters! (Try it now, free.)

About Crossword Maestro's solving ability.

  • Crossword Maestro can tackle almost all types of cryptic clues including anagram clues, charades, straight cryptic clues, double definitions, container and contents, hidden words, reversals, reverse hidden words, "sounds like" clues, word deletions, specified letter deletions, initial, final, alternating and central letter clues as well as clues that combine any of the above types! Examples
  • An especially valuable feature of Crossword Maestro's solving ability is the way it explains its thinking in plain English! These explanations also make it an ideal product for those wanting to learn how to solve cryptic crosswords and those wanting to improve their existing solving skills. It is also of value to crossword setters (or aspiring setters) as it can offer an opinion on the clues you create.
  • The software has a huge lexicon containing hundreds of thousands of words and phrases which are possible answers to crossword clues. If the answer is one of these it will always suggest it with sufficient checked letters.
  • The software also contains a vast knowledge base of the English language which it uses (amongst other things) for definition solving in cryptic and non cryptic clues as well as word substitutions within cryptic clues. Literally trillions of word and phrase substitutions can be made using the information in this knowledge base.
  • The software also has a very substantial knowledge of cryptic indicators. For example Crossword Maestro knows over four thousand anagram indicators.
  • Independent assessment of the software's ability at solving gives a success rate of about 75% for typical cryptic clues. As checked letters are added this rises to nearly 100%.
  • Crossword Maestro can also tackle non-cryptic clues including American style non-cryptic crosswords. It also includes special support for specific kinds of non-cryptic clues such as clues of the form LETTERS (anag).
  • The software supports both British and American-style English.

Other Features

  • Whole crosswords from any source can be entered and solved on the computer screen.
  • Alternatively, individual clues can be submitted one by one to the software. These clues are stored and can be returned to when, for example, more checked letters are known. This feature is useful, for example, when you are solving a crossword in a newspaper and want help with just one or two clues.
  • Over sixty free, high quality example crosswords from around the world are supplied with the software for you to solve. Most are written by top compilers.
  • Hundreds more example crosswords can be downloaded from the Internet straight into the software and a free tool is supplied to customers that allows conversion of crosswords found on web pages into a format that Crossword Maestro can understand. This tool can convert daily crosswords found on the web such as The Daily Telegraph, The Times and many others.
  • Crossword Maestro includes a comprehensive written introduction to cryptic clues: even more reason why aspiring solvers should buy it.
  • You can forget the software's solving ability and use the software as a crossword display tool, moving around and solving where you can. The file format supports solutions being stored so you can check your answers immediately.
  • Crossword Maestro supports both barred and blocked puzzles.
  • Crossword Maestro supports linked clues (i.e. clues where the answer is written into more than one place in the grid).
  • The software supports all the common types of length descriptions and ones found only rarely such as "(10, hyphenated)" etc.
  • Clues are entered precisely as they appear in print form. Any links, length descriptions, etc. are read and handled automatically by the software.
  • Crossword Maestro has many other features. Take up our free trial offer and discover what they are!

As computers are not supposed to be able to do some of the things we claim we anticipate some scepticism about the capabilities of the software. Because of this we are offering a completely free trial version which you can download right now and see for yourself! Alternatively, why not buy the full software right now?

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